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Weekly Specials

The December Bundle
4  4 ounce Seasoned Ribeyes
4   4 ounce Seasoned Pork Chop
1 pkg Bone-in Country Style Ribs
1 pkg Brats (any flavor, you choose!)
1# Ground Beef
All for $30​!
 Please call or stop by to order your ham or prime rib for your holiday meal!!!
Gift certificates available (any $$)!!!
Frozen Specials change weekly.  Please see the board when you stop in!!!

  Sandwich pork chops:  $1.10 each
  BBQ sandwich pork chops:  $1.20 each

  4 ounce "Sandwich" cut     $3.19 each                                                  
  4 ounce Seasoned                $3.29 each
  8 ounce                                  $6.39 each
  8 ounce Seasoned                $6.49 each
  16 ounce                                 $12.89lb
  16 ounce Seasoned               $12.99lb 

  Beef Filets:  8 ounces $6.49 each
  Pork Filets:  $6.09lb

  Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts:  $4.09lb
  Marinated Chicken Breasts:  $4.09lb

  Ground Beef $4.49lb 
  Ground Beef Patties $4.69lb
​We accept Visa, Mastercard, Link Cards
Prices subject to change
Attention all Customers:  Due to the large amount of Non-Sufficient Fund checks, we will no longer be taking personal checks on of Monday, June 26th.  We will ONLY accept personal checks for custom processing.  Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.